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There’s a stately quality to the video, as the drone-powered camera sweeps serenely over land and water.  Aerial drone videography allows potential buyers to experience a full scope of terrain footprint for any real estate opportunity, on their own time and in their own environment. Photos and photo tours and plot plans just cannot articulate what a narrated aerial video can accomplish for educating the consumer.

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The use of drones in commercial real estate has opened up new ways to show and sell a property.

Maximizing your exposure when selling a commercial real estate property? Drones can help! Learn how to benefit from drone tech in CRE.

Plus, get tips for getting started. It’s all here!

Introduction to the Use of Drones in Commercial Real Estate

Drones are now a valuable tool in commercial real estate. In a time where homes are selling fast, drones give an unmatched aerial and 3D view of the property. Agents bring property tours in a new fashion with drone footage providing up-close images and aerial views. It’s convenient and accurate as it enables agents to survey larger pieces of land without mapping. Plus, it’s useful to track construction and maintenance over time.

Drone technology has improved marketing efforts, increasing exposure for potential sellers, and giving potential buyers a glimpse of life living in the property. Drones are an essential staple for all related businesses in the digital market.

Benefits of Using Drones in Commercial Real Estate

Drones for capturing aerial images and video for commercial real estate are becoming popular. They provide an unbeatable view of interior and exterior shots from a special perspective. 360-degree panoramic shots, topographical features and bird’s eye views of properties let real estate agents promote their properties better.

Drone photography gives clients spectacular visuals that weren’t achievable with traditional methods. Photographers can show the property’s location, its nearness to other businesses or attractions, and its setting. They can also point out features not visible due to angles or sunshine.

Utilizing drone photography creates a sense of value for buyers or renters. It helps set apart one property from another. Drone photography services are cost-effective too. Pilots typically charge lower fees for their aerial services.

Drone technology is revolutionizing how commercial real estate is documented and presented. Photographers and agents present stunning visuals that were unthinkable a decade ago.

Challenges Surrounding the Use of Drones in Commercial Real Estate

Drones in commercial real estate present fresh possibilities. But there are still issues to address. Privacy laws must be considered. Obtaining a COA from the FAA is one example. Safety and security procedures may need to be implemented too. Insurance coverage may be required when flying over populated areas or using BVLOS.

Technical issues should also be addressed. Crosswinds and other conditions can affect flight control accuracy. Awareness of potential pitfalls helps ensure safe use of this tech within the industry.

Legal Considerations for the Use of Drones in Commercial Real Estate

Drones are increasingly popular in commercial real estate. This tech has given buyers and sellers a better view of properties. But, there are legal considerations to consider first.

Drone operators must follow FAA regulations and get the right permits. Photos must not be intrusive, and must respect privacy laws. Depending on where you are, property owners may need permission from adjacent landowners.

Now, written consent is needed from people appearing in drone photos. This includes tenants, agents, and contractors participating in activities for buyers or sellers. Informed consent is key for any commercial real estate firm using drones.

How to Use Drones to Show and Sell a Property

Drones have revolutionized commercial real estate. They offer an aerial perspective, with accurate, efficient data about the property. Agents use them to better serve clients and potential buyers.

To use drones for real estate, contact an experienced, licensed and certified pilot. Make sure they have the relevant government certificates, and GAPP examination certification.

Get approval from air traffic control for any flight plans. Respect local restrictions and laws about flying over public spaces.

Plan shots that consider practical and creative elements. Obtain different angles and use zoom, panning or slow motion video footage. Review footage before presenting, and edit if needed.

By following these tips, agents can maximize their pricing, using modern technology!

Examples of Successful Use of Drones in Commercial Real Estate

Drones have revolutionized the commercial real estate industry. They provide an affordable and efficient way to market properties. From home buyers to corporate clients, drones offer a more detailed digital marketing experience than traditional photographs or digital imagery.

Drones in commercial real estate offer dramatic aerial views. These visuals create more impactful and meaningful presentations of any property. Drone videos can give potential buyers similar experiences to virtual tours.

Successful uses of drones in commercial real estate include:

  • Capturing large outdoor properties like golf courses, lakes, and resorts.
  • Providing an overview of landscapes with lush vegetation or stunning architecture.
  • Creating inspections for development sites prior to construction.
  • Offering high quality images from aerial angles for business intros or agents bios.
  • Highlighting specific features like rooftop terraces, balconies, decks, patios, pools, or spas.
  • Taking exterior shots from multiple angles for a unique perspective on the entire property.

Potential Future Uses of Drones in Commercial Real Estate

Drones are becoming more common in commercial real estate. Developers, agents and brokers are discovering how these gadgets can support their marketing and sales.

Drones give a perspective that traditional photos and videos don’t. It’s a great way to stand out from competitors. Here are some of the ways drones are used in commercial real estate:

  • 360° Virtual Tours: This combines still images and videos into one interactive experience. It’s a great marketing tool to capture buyers’ attention.
  • Infrared Imagery: Thermal imaging shows temperature variation of a building’s exterior.
  • Aerial Photos: High resolution aerial shots give an overview of the property and environment.
  • Video Footage: Drones offer high definition video footage for marketing campaigns.
  • Data Capture/Processing: Specialized software systems can be installed on drones, providing 3D renderings and floor plans. This gives real-time updates about costumer preferences.


Drone technology has many advantages, making it clear that drones can revolutionize the commercial real estate field. Drone footage gives an interactive, 360-degree view of any property. This helps buyers understand the space better than static images or videos.

Realtors can show more homes to more prospects with drones, and give them the digital experience they expect. Drones have much potential, making them sure to be an important tool for commercial real estate in the future.

Rob Haller, Drone Navigator


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