Infrared Drone FLIR Thermal Inspections

Aerial Thermal Inspection (FLIR) Services:

Our drone thermographic inspection is non-destructive and requires no contact with the property. You do not need to risk workers climbing on your roof

Our expertise is in aerial infrared imaging and commercial building thermal inspection services. Using our proven aerial inspection techniques, along with the top of the line thermography (FLIR) equipment, we can rapidly identify hidden damage to your residential or commercial. Our thermal inspection services provide the interested party with an independent analysis of the building’s structural integrity.

Thermal Inspection Services with imaging also known as infrared thermography services is a service we started offering at the request of our clients. We had several of our commercial clients asked us if we could help them assess damage after a severe storm in the area that damaged commercial and residential property.   

From construction to energy, deliverables from FLIR thermal imaging sensors collected and analyzed with Measure’s processing and analysis tools are leading the use of drones into the next frontier.