NDVI Imaging

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). NDVI is one of the most popular vegetation indices and acts as a valuable method to understand vegetation health and land use remotely. NDVI is helpful in applications from helping farmers with precision agriculture to allowing conservationists to understand ecosystem changes. NDVI is not a new formula by any means. It’s been available to agriculture from satellites as an entry-level aerial perspective for a while. It has been very easy to get into and produce. That’s why it’s been so widely used.

DJI Drone and NDVI Camera

What is the value of NDVI?

Where we see value is variability. There is always variability in all fields. NDVI highlights this variability and makes it easier for your eyes to see. When you can easily see variability, you can make quicker decisions.

NDVI Mapping for Farms and Wineries

We help growers increase profits by pinpointing areas where nutrients or chemicals need to be applied thus decreasing input costs and increasing yields.  The geo-referenced maps aid customers in fast and precise ground point.  By being more efficient, farmers and agronomists save time and money.

NDVI will pinpoint your problem areas on your golf course.

Rob Haller, Drone Navigator