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The real estate industry is changing.  We can help you fly with our experienced drone crews.  As you have seen cameras aboard drones bring a new set of eyes to the industry. Drones’ capabilities allow agents and property managers to obtain views not otherwise available to prospective buyers.   We can help you with still imagery and fully edited video.  Additionally, we have found them more helpful for inspecting roofs, pipes and overall property.

The National Association of Realtors is fully supporting the advancement of drones in the real estate industry. NAR President Chris Polychron said it is “good news for property owners and realtors who desire to embrace cutting-edge technology to enhance the process of buying and selling real estate with images gathered by unmanned aerial vehicles. Information, videos and photos captured using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology will provide residential and commercial property buyers and sellers with more information and visual insights than they’ve ever had before.”

Our drone team can provide overhead photographs for a single residence or a large acreage property to assist with your planning, maintenance or sales needs. Whether you are an owner, agent or developer, our professional staff can deliver a solution custom tailored to your specific goals.

Using drones in real estate marketing allows you to show the property from many unique angles, allowing the prospective buyer to view not only the house, the roof and yard, but also the surrounding neighborhood and views.

Have you been thinking of buying a new house in an unknown area? Thanks to drone technology, you can now investigate the property and its vicinity without leaving your household!

Drone real estate photography is helping prospective buyers get a better idea of the residential property, so they can make a more informed decision before investing.


Drones are becoming more popular in residential real estate sales. Buyers use them to get a unique view of the property and its surroundings. It can help them understand property lines, traffic patterns, and any problems that may arise during home inspections.

Drone footage can also document sunken decks or missing shingles that might be missed without it. Additionally, drones can provide data on average temperatures, seasonally adjusted figures, and data trends over time. This can give buyers a better understanding of what to expect.

Benefits of Using Drones for Residential Real Estate Sales

Using drones for residential real estate has many benefits. Drones can give buyers aerial views and detailed images of nearby schools, parks, stores, and other points of interest.

For sellers, drones are a cost-effective way to show their property in the best light. Drone footage provides an immersive experience for potential buyers. Plus, they can accurately depict unique features and more intimate details that would otherwise be hard to capture.

Overall, the benefits of using drones for residential real estate are plentiful. Property owners can showcase their properties in new and exciting ways. Plus, buyers can get an up-close look at neighborhoods and homes without having to visit in person.

How Drones Can Help Prospective Buyers

Drones for residential real estate sales provide the prospective buyer with a unique ability. They can view the house as well as its immediate surroundings. When buying a property, many factors must be taken into account. This includes inspecting the neighborhood, adjacent properties and community facilities.

Drones are an invaluable tool for this task. Buyers can quickly get an aerial overview of a property. They can take video footage or still photographs from angles that would have traditionally required expensive and complex tall structures or even manned aircrafts. The combination of their portability and ease of use make them an ideal tool for surveying properties remotely with reduced costs and greater efficiency.

Drones give potential home buyers detailed data about a property’s topography. This includes adjacent land features and nearby landmarks. These may affect the value or other aspects of living on the property. They also provide access to public transportation, schools or hospitals in close proximity. Plus, they allow buyers to see better views from multiple directions. This allows them to make an informed decision, beyond what is available from ground level survey alone.

The Advantages of Using a Drone to View a House

Aerial footage captured by drones offers a new way for prospective buyers to view potential real estate investments. These images provide an ample amount of detail with 720p resolution or better, plus show the homes surroundings including nearby streets, shops, towns/metropolitan areas, hills and lakes that can’t be seen from ground level. It also gives buyers an understanding of the true atmosphere of the community.

Drones also offer a safe option during the pandemic, as buyers can receive all necessary information without risking exposure. Remote digital communication between brokers and clients also reduces potential misunderstandings.

The use of drones is encouraged not only by prospective buyers, but also by current homeowners selling their residences, and businesses seeking additional perspectives on nearby land investments. This technology provides an exquisite overview of the property, like what you would get from a private jet or helicopter. All this data can be useful for decision making and can save time in the purchase process. Furthermore, drone technology is transforming the role of agents as facilitators, providing greener pastures for property assets in the near future. Thus, transitioning to drone technology swiftly is almost certainly guaranteed for a hassle-free end result.

How a Drone Can Help View the Surrounding Neighborhood

A drone for residential real estate sales offers immense value. It gives buyers a bird’s eye-view of the area with detailed, close-up images that can’t be replicated.

Drone views offer insight into the neighborhood, like nearby parks, schools, roads, rivers, and more. Plus, buyers can interact with the images; they can toggle angles or rotate an image 360 degrees.

Drone coverage also helps agents create quality visuals without needing specialist photography services.

The Benefits of Using a Drone to View a Property’s Views

Using a drone to view a house and its surrounding area can improve the home buying experience. It provides high-resolution aerial images of the property from all angles.

Potential buyers get a full understanding of how the house, garden, grounds and location fit together. They can also get an understanding of the market value, which cannot be determined by ground-level views.

Drone imagery can help buyers plan renovation projects or landscape designs. They can see the property from a birds-eye perspective before construction and consider restrictions.

Drones offer enhanced safety. They can fly over rooftops and difficult terrain, reducing risks associated with physical inspection. They also gather more information than is possible through ground inspection.

Potential Challenges of Using Drones for Real Estate Sales

Drones are becoming quite the trend in real estate sales, offering prospective buyers an exciting experience. But there are challenges too.

First, privacy concerns. Neighbors may not be too happy if a drone strays too close to their property. Plus, there could be local or federal laws prohibiting crowding. Also, the FAA restricts drones from flying over private properties. Different states have different laws too, so that must be taken into account.

Second, safety. Drone operators must be trained and comply with FAA regulations regarding class G airspace. Plus, they must consider wind speeds and weather conditions before taking off. Dangerous weather can be risky for both operator and observers.

Lastly, it’s important to maintain relationships with local law enforcement and city leaders. This prevents misunderstandings and answers questions about any noise or disruption caused by nearby flight operations. Keeping communication open is key – discrepancies can lead to legal issues if not addressed in time.


Finally, drones in residential real estate prove to create a unique viewing experience. It lures in prospective buyers and assists in their decision-making. Drones give buyers detailed images of the house, surrounding area, views, and amenities. This offers sellers an edge over those without drones. Thus, drones are expected to be frequently used in real estate sales and marketing.

Rob Haller, Drone Navigator


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