Residential Real Estate

The real estate industry is changing.  We can help you fly with our experienced drone crews.  As you have seen cameras aboard drones bring a new set of eyes to the industry. Drones’ capabilities allow agents and property managers to obtain views not otherwise available to prospective buyers.   We can help you with still imagery and fully edited video.  Additionally, we have found them more helpful for inspecting roofs, pipes and overall property.

The National Association of Realtors is fully supporting the advancement of drones in the real estate industry. NAR President Chris Polychron said it is “good news for property owners and realtors who desire to embrace cutting-edge technology to enhance the process of buying and selling real estate with images gathered by unmanned aerial vehicles. Information, videos and photos captured using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) technology will provide residential and commercial property buyers and sellers with more information and visual insights than they’ve ever had before.”

Our drone team can provide overhead photographs for a single residence or a large acreage property to assist with your planning, maintenance or sales needs. Whether you are an owner, agent or developer, our professional staff can deliver a solution custom tailored to your specific goals.

Michael Haller




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