Aerial Inspections

Inspections for many diverse projects and types of industries.  We help inspect for buildings, utilities, energy, civil infrastructure and real estate surveying.

As the infrastructure and  power grid continues to age amidst a push to expand inter connectivity, the ability to monitor and inspect critical transmission, distribution and generation assets safely and cost effectively has never been more important.

Our aerial inspection service gives our clients the security of knowing the complete, real time condition of their valued infrastructure assets.  The extremely high resolution images captured by our UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) combined with the vast industry knowledge of our inspection engineers ensures that the owner has the most comprehensive assessment information possible, allowing them to focus their energy on identified maintenance and repair issues.

Mining Inspection Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Mining Inspection Cape Girardeau, Missouri

Our UAV’s are remotely operated by highly skilled flight crews, assets can be inspected while remaining in service.  This minimized downtime means direct savings for the owner.

Michael Haller



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